Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Fire pits, Auburn games, lots of kids and fun

Boo Baskets are so fun to get. The spiders that popped up were a hit!

Owen and I have been doing school.
Teaching preschool is right up this A.D.D. mama's alley.
You switch it up every 10 minutes and do lots of fun crafts!
(notice all the friends that join us)

Reminder of how much I love fall.
The tree's changing colors down the alley and the leaves that cover the ground, not to mention the weather!

The lighting ceremony of the Twinkle house involved oreo's (ummmm...not paleo) and everyone crammed in the treehouse enjoying the fall weather.
Thankful it held us all and no one went into a sugar coma.

Owen's Gal. Silly banshee's.

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