Friday, August 12, 2011

Embrace The Chaos

"Embrace the chaos" should be the title of all my post.
Embrace the Chaos at the beach. Embrace the Chaos at the pool. Embrace the Chaos in our bedroom. You get the point. Maybe my blog address should be changed to this.
Nonetheless, we take the words of wisdom to heart. We embrace. And we. love. it. (most of the time)

Thank you Mr. Denist for a lovely bill of $380, over an hour of my time
and the lovely mustache included.
Really, you shouldn't have.

Please meet "Sally Weather". This is who our goose morphs into when she goes into the "chin tilted up, eyes the clouds" stance, seen almost every afternoon since the tornado day in April.
We knew her alter personality had to have a name, so like all the names that are given to things (or people) in our home it was voted on.
Sally Weather it is.

A impromptu play on a summer night.
"Embrace the Chaos" would've made a great name.

The boys fort with an emergency escape.
I need one most days, an escape that is and maybe even my own fort....

This makes me want to hum the song Dancing Queen.
And play the riddle how to spot a 3rd child.
If he were standing still you might notice he is wearing a pink pull up. It's a night time pull up, but we wear them night and day, because our potty training has not been what mama hoped for.
This one has Belle on it, they all have different princesses.
Upon opening it I realized the mistake. He's two and hopefully won't be to scarred from it.
Secondly, he is dancing/jumping on the bed (a top bunk)
 and upon finding him instead of ordering him to get down, we turn it into a photo shoot.
Again, embrace the chaos. See it works for almost every situation :)

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