Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lanie and Holland

Lanie joined our family a little over a year ago. I knew she was the doll for MH when I stepped into the AG store in Chicago and saw the brand new doll when Lanie first came out. Her checks, her hair, her eye color. I knew one day we would own a Lanie.
Almost a year later after getting her, and the book, MH brings down the book and on the back it says Lanie Holland. The dolls last name is Holland. It was meant to be. Lanie was meant for our Holland, no doubt. She's kinda become real to us all. Scary, I know. So of course she needs matching PJ's (which came from Kmart $6, on sale for both) What a fun find!

This should be on the website "weird pics" or whatever it is. Bring in the trophy for the matching night gown pictures. MH said I must have a trophy picture as well.
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