Sunday, June 12, 2011


It takes a while, but I caved to yet another face lift to the old faithful blogspot. After reading 2,897 blogs this week on decorating and such, I decided mine could use a little "redecorating" so to say. Seven years ago, when I started this blog the options were very limited ( I think like 2 choices of font and 2 templetes)...and I don't like change. So better late than never, right?!
 Now "moving" on... my before pictures are safe and sound on my laminate counter tops at "Tink's Cottage". It is a tiny abode and I remind myself daily of the reason we are moving there is NOT for the house, it is only a rental, and to be grateful for the small stuff. The book Radical puts all our striving after earthly things in perspective and our hope for moving here is to share our faith in and with our community. So, keeping my eye's focused on that and what the Bible demands us to strive for, the laminate counter tops and drop-in tub are not big deals when you look at it in light of eternity. On that note, I do want our home to be welcoming and warm.
 On a positive note, is like a tree house. I open my door to an old rock porch, looking out into a forest. We can't wait to make trails and explore. We sit nestled high on a hill with our view being tops of tree's. A far cry from the "Manor's" view of apartments and tall lit-up buildings. The first official day after getting the key, the banshee's road their scooters to VBS. That afternoon we walked and got HUGE ice cream cones and the next day they rode their scooters to the antique shop and Soho Sweets. We will not be doing that daily, but the newness and excitement of living two blocks from quaint shops is fascinating to all of us. It is literally a breath of fresh air after city living.
 The streets are filled with squeals and hums of children, literally. We haven't even moved in and have played ball with the "little league" next door (They have 5 children and are a sweet, sweet family). Four boys and one girl named Anna Kate who is MH's age, John Kelly who is Hud's age and then there is Ford who is Owen's age. Can you tell we did not move to Seattle considering the double names?! Behind us we have a Sarah Parker. My kids are in heaven and are living on cloud nine with all the activity and scooters that roll constantly through-out the back alley!
 So on to  decorating...I am trying to be resourceful and use what I have. I came across this chic's blog tonight, {never read it before} but I like her rooms of inspiration because I have a ton of blues and we've painted most of the walls Agreeable Grey by Benjamin Moore. Hooray!! to getting rid of the beige walls, as well as my nursery {going on 8 years of green stripes}. I am just ready to be there and done with it all, although it is fun to look at all the beautiful rooms displayed through-out the web and to dream. Bring in the new with the old.

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  1. Love the new font... Got to figure out how to do that :)