Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hope for the little ones

What can mom's with young children do to help the victims of the tornado's that have left many parts of Alabama completely devastated?
Join us.
Join us in giving hope to the hopeless, in giving the good news to those who are desperate and confused and scared. Help spread the Gospel and get Bibles into the hands of the littlest victims of this enormous disaster. Help them hear the gentle voice of God and the hope of Jesus that is written through-out the pages of the beautiful Jesus Storybook Bible.
We are gathering toys (see more here) and Bibles to distribute to the youngest victims affected by these outrageous storms.
We will be assembling them to get them out soon....more information on how to serve in this way coming soon! So far we have 89 Bibles and money donations, but we need more. The information I got yesterday was staggering, 700 people in shelters and 500 of those being children. Pray for these people and pray for the children who no longer have homes to go home to, their bed to lay in and some lost BOTH parents. Let's give them the Hope of the One who came to save and rescue us.
Pray. Give. Serve. Here is a perfect opportunity to do all three!

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