Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mama Drama

The Manor is full of drama a lot of days and I am a part of it in a lot of ways. Today the caboose banshee was eating his Popsicles with his siblings, on the porch, rocking in the rocking chair and looking adorable. I went inside and told the two other banshee's to not let him step foot off the porch. In less than two minutes I heard "mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaaaa", of course "little hen" was playing her role well and sure enough Owen was taking a hike down the side steps. Tired, hormonal and down-right grouchy I stormed outside to my precious, blond, charming little boy eyeing me and screaming the "NO" at the top of his lungs. I grabbed him up and spanked him. As I was heading inside after my meltdown, which resulted in his meltdown, a truck had stopped and was watching the whole thing. That ticked me off and I glared at this stranger. I then see his truck drive back by, I guess maybe he thought I was abusing this precious baby unnerved me and led to me feeling a lot of guilt.
Even though I know in no way had I abused my child, it did make me re-check my reaction to his defiance. It left me down right exhausted, I called my darling sister, who has a file somewhere in Florida due to suspision of child neglect...long and somewhat funny (now) story and she reassured me I was a fine mama and doing my job. I have waited all afternoon and evening for child services to come knocking, but no one has showed up at the door yet. It is overwhelming being a mama and all I can do is pray for God's grace to be showered on me daily and my little, darling banshee's. We indeed ALL need it.

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