Monday, April 04, 2011

Seattle picture overload

Welcome to Seattle. A foreign land for us. It seems like another world on many levels. We were thrilled to get to experience the people (who are actually very friendly and engaging) and of course the views. It is a far cry from home and deep in my soul I am homesick for something that I think will not be settled this side of heaven. I am homesick in Birmingham. I am homesick in Seattle. I am homesick for a world that I can't comprehend and I fight daily to run to Jesus for that fulfillment....a daily reminder of eternity.

I've longed for this world to fulfill me for way to long. It left me empty and barren, robbed of all joy and peace. When I live with my eyes on the things in this world, the things that go on around me and when my focus becomes that, I am drinking out of a broken cistern. I am searching and longing for something that was never meant to, nor could satisfy this unquenchable thirst. Unfortunately, it took way too long for me to get that, to get that to the core of my soul.. My hope is that I may share that with others, be it in Seattle or Birmingham or wherever for that matter

{After uploading these, they are all blurry. I am too tired and have stayed up way past my bedtime. For some reason if they are clicked on they appear clear?! Very frusterated, but will have to figure it out another day.}

I think we might have to buy a sailboat....or maybe a houseboat and live on the water.
Go completely granola. I kid. I kid.

The hubby tries to figure out all the different cans, you recycle everything pretty much everywhere you go.
These people could teach Alabama a lesson or two in recycling. Very ECO aware.

Good-bye Seattle

Sweet Kim, the Pastor's wife, so much to be said about this gal. She is awesome.

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