Friday, February 25, 2011

The Journey

I am not sure where to begin...with fear and hesitation I write this, BECAUSE it is a huge decision and we are not sure yet! Our life, marriage and spiritual life has changed in many, many ways and we've experienced and tasted God's love and faithfulness on our journey, and for sure the power of the Gospel. In taking the step and leaving our beloved church that we had been at 8 + years, we felt God tugging at our hearts and making it clear the steps to dive into a church that is huge and Baptist. Growing up in small PCA churches, I had my reservations. The Lord clearly showed us though, through various things and people, this was to be our church, Brookhills. We have been fed in ways we were longing for and the Gospel is definitely preached boldly.

With that being said we were there for a year and in the early fall a couple stood up and shared about a church plant they were planning in Seattle. I felt the tug in my heart that I had never felt before, as previous couples in the past had shared about churches they were going to be planting. I made a conscious decision NOT to say a word to my husband. I didn't want it to be a contrived emotion I acted on. So, at the end and as we stood up to sing, my husband looked me in the eyes and said the very thing I had felt moments before in my heart...."What if God called us there?" Tears streamed down my face and his and the sermon begin and moved us even more. We talked a bit after the sermon and decided to go and meet this pastor and his wife. We signed up for more information and then went to a meeting. Since then we have been meeting every Sunday and the group has gotten smaller for different reasons as others have decided this was not God's journey for them. Is it the journey for us? I HAVE NO CLUE, but God hasn't shut doors, they've been close, but we have still felt compelled to being open to whatever God is calling us to do.

So, we aren't packing up tomorrow and moving....yet (and maybe never). Our house is for sale, my husband still hasn't found a job he loves and we stand in wonder as to what God has in store for our little family. Several of our mentors have been praying and have spoken wise words, good and bad, about moving clear across the country away from everything and everyone familiar. It is scary and exciting. There have been many "signs" that have involved Seattle, but there are too many and too long to share here.

We leave the end of March to visit Seattle and are going to a church plant conference with some of the core team. So, we need prayers that God will guide and lead us. We are nothing but a family of broken cisterns who God has graciously mended, redeemed, and sought after. We pray he makes it BOLD and CLEAR, that has been our prayer from the beginning. So we seek, pray and keep our hearts open to His will, because ultimately that is what we want to be used for His glory and nothing else, whether it to be 2,629 miles away from what we've both known as "home" all our lives or right here in Birmingham.

The Hallows Church- here is the link about the church and the picture of them they had us take at our house. I had no clue they had even used it until just now. It was the first time we really met them-besides introducing ourselves- and they are a wonderful couple full of grace and passion for Jesus.

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Luke 17:6 "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed..."


  1. I love you guys and find you very inspiring. Again, i'll try not to talk about you and have anger in my heart if you go :).

  2. That is really exciting Suz! I pray that God makes it clear his path for ya'll!