Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trapeze moves
more trapeze moves
Heading home

The Circus was fun and I am glad we went. Through ticketmaster our final price was $116. Thank you Jesus we did not press pay, but instead found a cheaper way. We paid $24 for all FIVE of us to go. Yep, plus add $9 on for all our junk food we loaded up on at the dollar tree, so a grand total of $34!!
 The library offered a reading program to earn free tickets. You simply check out 4 books and show them your receipt, in exchange they give you one ticket. They ended up giving us a mini stack of four and it does say ages 2-12 on the back, but when we turned them in for real tickets the girl said she would give it a shot. SO we all went and left early, it was fun and entertaining and something we will do every COUPLE of years and hopefully NEVER pay full price for. My kids liked it, but not "$116 worth much". I am pooped!!!
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