Monday, January 10, 2011

The Beginning and End of the "Snowpocalypse 2011"

First and foremost, WARRRRRR EAGLE! We are hoping our team ends up the National Champions before we head to bed. So far we are up 5 points.
(The "Ducks" uniforms are quite a sight)

Back to the Snowpocalypse.... We are weenies. The truth is we love the Manor and all it's "character", but on wintry, snowy nights we love efficient windows, well insulated walls and working we packed up and headed to the Grands. It's a shame that not one of our four fireplaces work, but with the ice storm rolling in, we didn't want to chance losing our power and no way of keeping the banshee's warm. (Plus built-in babysitters, man on man plus one) It was a win-win decision. We had a blast. Last night, me and my mother ended up being the ones left in the sleet sledding down the streets screaming like school girls. I am sure we annoyed (or entertained) their neighbors with our giggles and shouts. We continued to take advantage, and play 739 games of Bananagrams with my parents by the fire, of no school and ice. We drank coffee (banshee's sipped hot chocolate), napped, ate, played and went sledding. (As you see the bottom picture... even when the snow was melted!)
If you have ever lived in the south, you know when southerner's hear the word SNOW in the forecast, people jump into hysterics. We were those people for sure and with good reason. As I was turning my closets upside down searching for our mittens and "snow type" stuff.... I heard it- the patter of sleet falling on the driveway. Panic insued. We ran around the house throwing food, woobies, boots, ect into bags and raced to the car to head to The Grands house (a 30 minute drive). With in less than an hour of it starting we saw 4 wrecks from the ice, all on bridges. You can not use roads down here once it starts. People do not know how to drive. We are safely back at home now, warm and cozy with space heaters pumping through the Manor. We did get in another sled run once we got home and found out a well kept secret....Alley's make an excellent place to sled. School is cancelled once again for tomorrow. YAY for snow days!

The end, of the above picture, ended up with a huge bruise and tears as Mary Holland hit an iron bench. No one saw it coming and when we did it was to late to stop her. Her and daddy retired by the fire as he is much more compassionate and "nurse like" than the mama.
They just couldn't give up the fun, despite the melted snow/ice.
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