Saturday, December 25, 2010


We have the privilege of David Platt being our pastor. We have been fed the word the past year and a half and our lives have dramatically changed. This is a great book to read about taking back our faith and really living out what Jesus commanded and not buying into the "American Dream". Our old church, we were there for 8.5 years, felt to have the same message in getting out of the "suburbia bubble" and living and communing with the poor, hence why we live in our Manor in the city. It has affected us and our children for sure. Our goosey gal prayed the other night that God would give our neighbors cars...some don't have them, and we see people walk and wait for the bus stop. We have had opportunity's to take some women we've met to work and give them a break from the poor transportation system, I wish I could say we did it more, and my hope is that we can and do.
Being at this church has moved us in new ways, is moving us in new ways and we are hopeful for a future of becoming more active in different venues. We are praying through some decisions and waiting and listening for God's plan for our future. It is exciting and scary!! Read this book if you get a chance, it will impact your thoughts on living in this world and why we are here and as Christians how we are called to live our lives.

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