Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here are some pictures...Santa was good to us, we painted MH's nails some fancy pink and purple that she got in her stocking, (even Lanie got a fun skirt) it snowed (as you can see multiple rear pictures of everyone checking it out), "Barbie" and "barbie two" wore "wine charm" necklaces (creative MH), light sabors, Lego's, Thomas the Train, breakfast with the Grands, and my favorite....Owen's tug boat pulling MH's new nail polish! Also, a whoppee cushion and a seven year old boy = hours of fun. I am ready to put it in "time out" til next Christmas after 5 hours of hearing it now. Never a dull moment around the manor. Merry Christmas, we were thrilled to see the snow fall over Birmingham! It is RARE!
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