Friday, August 13, 2010


You are such a fun and happy boy. You keep us smiling and laughing a lot. You are adored by many. You talked way before you walked, I guess you realized early you had to hold your own in the chaos of this house you were born into.
Some of the latest quotes:
"Done pooping"- unfortunately this is what you scream when you are done eating or swinging or playing...thanks to your sister announcing when she is finished with her business in the bathroom.
"Hey Wuv"- hey love
"Thanks"- you are very thankful for things, but refuse, refuse to say please.
"SHHHHH..Quiet, quiet"- when things are loud or when people are talking and you want some quiet.
"Mama doing?"- you ask when you wonder what I am doing.
"Watee some"- you want something to drink
"Holwand"- Mary Holland is too long of a name in your opinion.
"Pray" (and you promply fold your hands and bow your head)- you remind us to pray before meals and when we put you to bed
When you swing high you say "Tummy Mommy!"
"Bye, bye David" you miss one of our friends who lived with us this summer. We all loved opening up our home to him.
"Knock knock jokes" tell them and there is always suki bob or chicky bob or stinky bob at the door and Owen, you think it is hilarious. and it is always, always the same joke.

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