Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happenings around the Jones Manor

Owen you have started crawling, finally. I am a little nervous about all you will get into. No teeth and a slight mullet at 10 1/2 months. You are happy and precious, born into chaos, but seem to handle it well.
Mary Holland yesterday day told me "you are just a bad mom" when she got in trouble for fighting with Hudson. I am sure this is NOT the last time I will be told this.
Hudson slammed his door because he got sent to his room yesterday morning. Emotions are running high in the Jones household, but they get it honestly.

Hudson's take on Kindergarten:
Teacher: Mrs. Harper
What do you learn: You have to go up and then around for circles instead of down. (He has told us this mutiple times, obviously he had been drawing circles the wrong way.)
Favorite thing about school: playing on the playground
Best friend: Joanna and Harrison
Favorite thing in classroom: Spiderman book
Do you like going every day: I like going everyday

Walked into Hud's room as he was putting some dinosaur pj's on. I had just sang to Owen and put him to bed and Hud said "I thought I heard a lady dinosaur singing in the other room." Such an imagination.

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