Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Latest Quotes:

Hudson asked Jesus into his heart, exactly two weeks ago. He promply asked for a group hug and dad and I sang with him, "I am Jesus little lamb"... a beautiful moment.

Mary Holland you turned 4 on friday and today were sitting in a chair that is just your size, when I exclaimed, "that is JUST your size!" you responded "4 sizes?!"

Hudson you said today, "happy father's day dad! Is my haircut still there?! Dad gave you a haircut yesterday, his first time to do it, which looks great.

Mary Holland exclaimed "my feet weigh 38 pds" after stepping on the scale!

"Mary Holland, you have been given the gift of patience. You are so patient, thank you." MH: "It's a miracle. Jesus did a miracle."

Hud: "Mom why do you call dad Coast guard?" Me: "What are you talking about?" Hud: "You know you and Teensy call him that?" Me: "Oh you mean Beauregard?" (our nickname for dad when get our southern accents going) Hud: "Yeah, that is it."

Hud: "Owen, I hope you love Jesus when you grow up!"

MH: "Mom, I am not a little girl anymore. I am just small."

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