Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little voices heard around our house..

Here are some cute things that the children have said lately.
"The grass WIZARDS and the flowers are FAKE, but the word of God stands forever."- Hudson
I overhear Hud sharing the gospel with MH in the tub. "You know Mary Holland that you can pray and ask God to forgive you for your sin." After you told her several times her response was "Hudson, I don't want to hear about it anymore." (dad and I came in and asked for you to give an example of what sin is...your response when you steal money from banks, you then told us hitting was a sin as well.) MH
"Mama your tummy used to be fat and now it is short, my tummy short too."- Mary Holland
"I thought 4 would be bigger."- Hudson
"Hurry, put my panies on before anyone see's my girl tonkus."-Mary Holland
"Mrs. Huggins daughter went up and down like this (demonstration) in the water when she was sacrificed." we had just finished the Bible story on Jesus being baptized.
"Mary Holland, you need a change of heart!"- Mama "No I don't Mama, it's still beatin'!!"- MH
"Life is busy, you work hard to take care of your kids and then yourself, it's not fair to your spouse or wife."-dad "it's ok dad, no one is perfect." Hud's response.
We went to get a present with some money Hudson had gotten, we realized there was 2 five dollar bills when we thought there was only one. Hudson responded when I told him he had more money., " I think I should get Mary Holland something mom, she would love that." Tender heart, these are the moments that I am EXTRA thankful that I share my life with my wonderful little family.