Friday, January 25, 2008

Our old house

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We LABORED over the house. I painted the outside, 7 months pregnant with Hudson, painted every square inch of that house. The arch, Cj did. The deck, CJ did. The nursery stripes, we did. The curtains, paint colors, are ours, or used to be.The kitchen, we did. The bookcases, and on and on...SOOOOO many memories, good and bad. I can't believe that was our first house. SO here it is. It went on the market yesterday. It is a great house if anyone's looking to buy in Vestavia.

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  1. I loved that house. I loved the big kitchen and the porch. I like how they have the baby room. We're putting new windows and jacking up the floor on our sunporch so we can make it a little baby room. I'd like to paint it green like that.

    (I can't remember why we were there....some party?)